Budget Neutrals


Neutrals such as white, light grays and sandy tones are always popular in the design world. These light toned hardback books are a great way to open up any space; keeping it light and bright while complimenting the rest of your design. The budget option is great for people designing multiple areas or those who don’t mind having duplicate copies of the same book in order to save 20% off of the original list price.

Book Details
Duplicates Contains multiple duplicate titles (amount based on color & quantity.)
Height 8" - 9.5"
Color Color on spines only. Boards may vary. Font colors vary.
Condition Very good to new
Books per Foot 10 - 12
Minimum Order 2 feet
Cost per Book in Whites Roughly $8.33-$9.99
Cost per Book in Light Gray Roughly $5.83-$6.99

Price: $69.99$99.99 per foot

Ordering Information

Contact Designer Services with any questions or concerns, including shipping estimates, additional book descriptions, photo requests, deadline requirements, and quotes for more specific styles or mixing and matching styles.

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