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Children and young adult books, these mixed modern hardcovers and softcovers are in fair to new condition and come in a variety of colors, and some may or may not have dust jackets. Only around 35¢ per book, these books are perfect for school libraries, interior decorating, window dressings, and more! If gaylords cannot be delivered to your location, WE WILL BOX the books for an additional $50 per gaylord. Since the weight of gaylords vary, contact Designer Services to order.

Book Details
Age Range Toddler to young adult. (Sorted to only contain children's books.)
Book Type A mix of thin hardcovers and softcovers
Condition Previously owned books in poor to new condition
Dust Jackets May have dust jackets
Shipping Buyers must have access to a full-size loading dock. Buyer's truck beds must be 2.5' or 4' high for pick up.
Re-Boxing Books can be boxed to avoid gaylord restrictions for $50 more per gaylord

Price: $499.99 per gaylord

Ordering Information

Contact Designer Services with any questions or concerns, including shipping estimates, additional book descriptions, photo requests, deadline requirements, and quotes for more specific styles or mixing and matching styles.

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