Bulk Mass Market Paperbacks

Only 25¢ per book, these barcoded mass market paperbacks are in fair to new condition with original retail prices of $3.99 – $7.99. They make great inventory for exporters, brick & mortar stores, street vendors, flea markets, and some online sellers. They can also be used as TV/movie/stage/photo props, instant libraries, art materials, and more! If gaylords cannot be delivered to your location, WE WILL BOX the books for an additional $50 per gaylord. Since the weight of gaylords vary, contact Designer Services to order.

Book Details
Height 6" - 7"
Condition Fair to new
Barcodes Non-barcoded or barcoded available
Shipping Buyers must have access to a full-size loading dock. Buyer's truck beds must be 2.5' or 4' high for pick up.
Re-Boxing Books can be boxed to avoid gaylord restrictions for $50 more per gaylord

Price: $299.99 per gaylord

Ordering Information

Contact Designer Services with any questions or concerns, including shipping estimates, additional book descriptions, photo requests, deadline requirements, and quotes for more specific styles or mixing and matching styles.

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  • Contact Designer Services to purchase this product.