Vinyl LPs Bulk

Fun and retro, these used vinyl LP records will consist of a mixture of genres and are perfect for interior decorating, decorative accents, window dressings, DIY projects, and more! Since the weight of gaylords vary, contact Designer Services to order.

Book Details
Condition Jackets good or better (playability not tested)
LP Types May include a mixture of boxed sets and singles
LPs per Gaylord Quantity varies, rough estimate 1600+
Shipping Buyers must have access to a full-size loading dock. Buyer's truck beds must be 2.5' or 4' high for pick up.

Price: $299.99 per gaylord

Quantity Discounts
2+ $199.99 per gaylord (33% off)

Ordering Information

Contact Designer Services with any questions or concerns, including shipping estimates, additional book descriptions, photo requests, deadline requirements, and quotes for more specific styles or mixing and matching styles.

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  • Contact Designer Services to purchase this product.