Boxed Children’s Books: Kindergarten – Grade 2

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“GRAB BAG” Boxes! These formerly loved Kindergarten to Grade 2 children’s books are in need of a new home and are ideal for donations to crisis centers, daycares, or schools. Each large (18″x12″x12″) box will be filled with as many children’s books as possible. Quantities per box will vary due to different book sizes. If you buy these for personal use, please note that each box will consist of a variety of books for both boys and girls in various conditions. Please feel free to donate or share any of the books that you may receive that are not suitable for your child.

For frequently asked questions regarding children’s books, please see this page.

Book Details
Age Range Kindergarten to Grade 2
Book Type Mostly softcovers with some thin hardcovers
Condition Previously owned books in poor to new condition
Seasonal Books May include some holiday and/or seasonal books
Language We cannot provide children's boxes in Spanish or other foreign languages at this time
Quantity Exact quantities vary, roughly 125+ books per box.

Price: $49.99 per box

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Ordering Information

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